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Readable manga

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May. 23rd, 2011 | 05:30 pm
posted by: tyfragiledreams in fragileruins

Since this is a Fragile-based community, I thought this info might be interesting to everyone here : )

The manga is in the current process of being translated and cleaned. The first two are up in my galler (see link below), and three is on the way. If you still want to help, even with cleaning, please tell me! You can also join the manga community, if you'd like. The link is on my journal.

The 'Fragile Dreams' manga is property of Hirune Sumino. All translations of this chapter were by gh48 and was cleaned/edited by me. Please do not redistribute these scans or claim them as your own, though linking us is A-OK. Much hard work was put into this scanlation, so please respect those who have put their hard work into it.

Enjoy everyone!


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